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Today, Goldie's litter of three came out on their own and I'm adopting them out. All three are Black Labrador/Golden Retreiver mixes, and VERY cute. Two are adult mixes. All for Dogz 5.


Theodore, aka Theo, is nearly identical twin of his brother Leonardo. Theo is somewhat shy in the shadow of Leo, but adorable and cute nonetheless. He's playful, friendly, and not aggresive at all. He's just a puppy and would make a great dog for anyone, regardless of personal preferances.


Leonardo is such a playful, energetic puppy. He's adorable, and not afraid of much, including jumping up high places. Like his siblings he shares the loyal, bouny energy of a Goldie and the friendly, carefree disposition of a Lab. Leo is hard to part with because he's got a great temperment, but I've not enough room to keep him for myself. ): He'd also make a wonderful companion.


Oh, Maggie...she's so sweet! She reminds me a lot of in the movies, like ones starring kids and stuff, where that one girl isn't all frilly but she's rather tomboyish...that's a lot like Maggie, even if her name doesn't convince you. Even though she's a lot like her mother Goldie and is sweet and friendly, she's just as energetic and adventorous as her father hunter. I would keep Maggie if I had enough room, but Goldie is pregnant again and I can't, which is why I'm putting out all these dogs for adoption. Anyone, really, would be a great home for her because she's social and her endearing personality will grow on anyone.


Out of all the dogz up for adoption, I'm more likely to lean towards Jenny not being adopted. There is nothing wrong with her personality, she's just an older dog who's a bit shy and clumsy. Jenny is half standard poodle and half dalmation, but she always reminds me of a Cocker Spaniel with her furry, long ears and her overall body shape. The spots make her look so original along with her brown paws, and I love this girl to death. She was crossed over from my Dogz 4 game, along with a few others, and deserves a loving home with someone who would be willing to breed her. ^^ If you want her, keep in mind that I want to keep updates on she (and any other dogz below her up for adoption) through e-mail/whatever.


Boi is a little male Dalmation/Poodle mix, his half-sister being Jenny. Charming, a bit vain and male-modelish is Boi, but friendly nonetheless. Like his mother and all poodles, Boi is hot for the camera and will pose elegantly the moment you begin snapping shots of him. The most prominent feature of Boi, in my personal opinion, are his original looks--I find his spots and poodle head crest beatuiful. He's natural mixed, not hexed or anything, which makes him looks somewhat like a pedigree standard poodle with spots. I have made an extra copy of Boi for myself because I still want to keep him, but he's up for adoption yet. Anyone who's fond of poodles but doesn't want tehm as vain as pedigree would enjoy Boi--and his beautiful blue eyes. ^^

I may also be putting 2 more dogz up for adoption, both mixes, but I've yet to decide. Also, tommorrow I'll be putting 3 papillion mixed pups up and in a few days, 3 Scottish Terrier/Jack Russel mixed pups. ^_^ Enjoy, and I'm hoping they all get good homes! Just comment with your e-mail and what dog(s) you want (take as many as you can take care of). Thanks!

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