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Funny Pictures!!

LMFAO. Got three funny pictures today, courtesy of Nicky, Julz and Adreah. ^^ LJ cut for your Friends Page.

Ooooher, I had just put my guinea pig Julz into the basket when she stood up on one leg and did this! The basket hides her legs, though, so it appears as though she's dancing. xD!

Nicky was in the snow scene with Adreah when I took this one, and she was leaning down to put her paws on her head embarrasingly. She shouldn't have been so embarassed though, because now we've got a shot of what appears to be a german sheperd about to vault herself into the air. i love how her tial is rigid and straight up. xD

Okay, I took this one of Adreah when she was playing with Nicky and exploring the carrots (she's a japanese akita pup). I saved it because the carrot on the right just looks so provocative even though it's not menat to be....IM NOT A PERVERT! I SWEAR! xD

Ahhh, how your Petz can often brighten your day. ^^

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