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Petz Lover Unite!

v. 1.0

Petz Pride
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Hello, and welcome to Pfmagicz! This is a community to get help from Petz lovers and to generally do anything and talk about anything involving the computer game. Please follow the rules.


This is a community for Virtual Petz, not real-life ones. We honestly don't care about your pretty tomcat Fluffy, or anything having do to with him. If, however, you've got a cat that looks like Mr. Fluffy, then go ahead and post your picture/s. (See below.)

All posted pictures of petz, backgrounds, scenes, whatever, must be behind an lj cut. If you do not know how to make one, look it up. If you do not do this your post will automaticly be deleted.

Be polite. Not all of us are here to start flame wars.

Some of our members may post downloads that you can install to your Petz game which include,
but are not limited to, breedz, toyz, etc. We do not take ANY responsibility for anything that happens in this process. We ourselves do not endorse these downloads and they are NOT official. Use at your own risk.

If you need any help or you're having problems with your games, ask us. Most members here are avid fans and would love to assist you in any way.

If you are putting ant petz up for Adoption and you will be using this community to post them in, PLEASE put them behind an lj cut. You must also give the following information:

-Age (puppy, adult)
-Breed Species/s (Mixed or Pedigree? Hexed? Please Specify.)
-Personality (Are they outgoing? Friendly, Aggresive?)
-Extras (Mate, pups, whatever.)
**It is required, and we would be VERY appreciative if you included a picture of your adopt/s. This just helps potential owners know what your dog/cat/whatever know what it looks like, size-wise, and overall. Put this ABOVE your adoption form on your post. Thank you.

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damnith - Owner & Maintainer

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